SIA (ACS) approved contractors

Peace of Mind Security Consultants has been trading since 1980’s and has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the security industry. Throughout the years Peace of Mind Security has achieved success through building on its policy of integrity. In 2010 an acquisition took place of SmartGuard Security and more recently also acquired Property Surveillance Ltd in January 2012. This allows Peace of Mind Security to expand and enhance its business and the ability to provide further high quality security services to local businesses.

Giving you peace of mind is at the heart of what we do - it allows us to provide you with a mix of security solutions to keep your people, buildings and assets safe. Our integrated services enable us to offer end-to-end services to fit the needs of your business.

Making sound strategic decisions about your security supports the smooth running of your business. Therefore we take the time to understand the unique needs of all parts of your business before recommending the most cost effective security solutions, which can be a tailored or bespoke service to fit your needs.

Our integrated risk-based approach means that whether you need one or all of our services, you will get exactly what you need. Our approach with you allows us to work in partnership when providing a security solution fit for your business.

We are SIA (ACS) approved contractors for the purpose of Keyholding and Security Guarding. This accreditation is central to our business strategy. No less than 87 separate indicators are analysed to meet this standard each of which needs to be passed with a score of Zero (i.e. no minus scores) in order to qualify. If the Company surpasses the minimum standard then additional points are awarded up to a total possible score of +159.

We are extremely proud of our ACS achievement since attaining the standard in 2011 and our ACS scores are as follows:

2011 = Score +32

2015 = Score +96

2012 = Score +51

2016 = Score +102

2013 = Score +72

2017 = Score +96

2014 = Score +100

2018 = Score +98


SmartGuard holds approved contractor status for the delivery of security guarding and keyholding services.