Vacant Property

Vacant Property Inspections

With effect from 1st September 2012 it became illegal to squat in residential properties (i.e. house or flat). Offenders now face up to six months imprisonment and / or a £5,000 fine.

This law does not affect non-residential properties.

As a result of this, non-residential property has become more vulnerable to squatters which is added to the already present threat to fly tipping, damage by vandals, weather damage, pest and failure of internal services such as water leaks.

Crimes to property could include:

  • Causing damage when entering the property

  • Causing damage while in the property

  • Not leaving when they're told to by the court

  • Stealing from the property

  • Using utilities like electricity or gas without permission

  • Fly-tipping

  • Not complying with a noise abatement regulations

Our cost effective tailored service gives landlords and owners 'Peace of Mind' when the site is vacant. We carry out structured inspections at regular intervals and record the result for audit purposes.

Sample Vacant Property Inspection Report

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