CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

SmartGuard have a state of the art monitoring facility located in the heart of West Sussex.

This facility is fully secure and has full contingency as well as uninterrupted power supply. This coupled with full backup means that this fully compliments the manned guarding services we provide.

CCTV Security Surveillance or Closed Circuit Television can help you. These security cameras are a valuable asset for safety as well as crime prevention and can deter the criminal.

If an event should befall, CCTV cameras are an irrefutable form of evidence. These eyes-in-the-sky also reassure public confidence. Enforcement agencies advocate the use of security cameras and position them as the primary solution for urban dysfunction. This technology can assist you in the same way.


Below is a list on the advantages CCTV can provide for your business:

  • helps reduce the fear of crime

  • acts as a visual crime deterrent

  • helps detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings

  • helps assist with the overall security management

  • enhances Community Safety

  • assists the economic well-being of the area

  • encourages greater use of the town centre, shopping centres and car parks etc

  • support civil proceedings, CCTV is becoming an integral part of crime control policy across the world.

Remote CCTV monitoring of site

At SmartGuard the turnaround speed to security breach and alarm responses are kept to a bare minimum. This means that utilising our remote monitoring will save your business time and money.

You cannot afford not to have security. What’s more we deliver the goods at affordable prices. If you have a problem, we have the solution.

Equipment installation

In order to sort out the most secure CCTV system for your business we will begin with a consultation at your premises. The initial consultation will look at what you want to achieve with your CCTV system. Is it for safety purposes or security purposes, or even both?

SmartGuard Security can even remotely monitor, maintain and even manage your CCTV system if needs be. Having a CCTV system will save you money in the long-term. You cannot afford not to have security. What’s more we deliver the goods at affordable prices.

Fast Response to detection

Our trained response officers will attend your premises in the event of alarm activation. (We will set up and agree with you a service level agreement in respect of response times to Alarm/Intruder activation.) They will carry out a full external and internal patrol of the site as detailed by the comprehensive site assignment instructions agreed with you at contract commencement. All of our attending Response Staff are uniformed ensuring a professional and identifiable approach to your security.

If emergency remedial repairs are required, and subject to pre authorisation by you, we can arrange for these repairs to be carried out. We can either use a contractor from our approved contractor database with agreed pre-authorisation spend limits or a nominated contractor of your choice.

Once the incident has been dealt with the building will be re-secured. A detailed incident report will be emailed to you the next working day. All operational staff have access to our 24hr Contact Centre.

Our Officers are also able to allow access for contractors or employee’s to attend site out of normal working hours. As well as allowing access and onsite supervision if required there is additional peace of mind knowing that the building will be re-secured correctly removing the need to hand over premises keys or alarm codes to unauthorised personnel.

As more properties are left in a vacant condition over longer periods of time, there is a requirement by most Insurance Companies to ensure periodic checks are carried out on the security and utility services of these buildings, which we at SmartGuard Security can carry out for you. At contract commencement the specific requirements are drawn up into a task sheet for the Officer carrying out the inspection. These task sheets once completed can then be emailed or faxed to you as frequently as you require.


SmartGuard holds approved contractor status for the delivery of security guarding and keyholding services.